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From Kotobukiya’s new sci-fi fantasy series, ARCANADEA, the Dears with a devilish form, Soffiera, joins the plastic model kit lineup!

The model is based on an original illustration by necömi, a popular illustrator known for her video game and VTuber character designs.

By changing out certain parts, the model can be assembled in “Normal Mode” or “Wilize Mode” when in combat. The model is equipped with several 3mm joints, making it compatible with parts from other Kotobukiya original series.

Included Items & Features:

  • The model can be assembled in “Normal Mode” or in the combat-ready “Wilize Mode” by changing out certain points.
  • The kit includes four face parts that have been pre-printed with tampography.
  • Decals are included for users to create their preferred expressions.
  • The ears can be exchanged with other Dears such as Lumitea.
  • The tail can be adjusted freely, both at the joint on the base and at each of the sections.
  • The front of the skirt is made of multiple parts and can be adjusted without getting in the character’s way.

Normal Mode:

  • The kit includes a ring part for engaging with Soffiera.
  • Thanks to the joint parts at the base of the devilish wings on her back, the design is kept beautiful and organic while also maintaining the model’s high poseability.
  • The magic circle connection part for the wings is a HEXA G-R.A.M. joint with a 3mm connection point in the middle for durability.
  • The “Normal Mode” leg parts use pop-out joints for the knee that can’t be seen from the front when the model is standing, maintaining the shape of the legs while providing a wide range of movement.

Wilize Mode:

  • The upper arm armor parts can be attached to various places on the model using the 3mm connection joints.
  • The tips of the four different sized wings on her lower back are made of clear material.
  • The main wings can be removed and used freely as weapons such as a short sword, dual blades, autonomous weapons, and more in various settings.
  • The four different sized tail feathers are connected via a 3mm ball joint at the base of each connection joint, allowing them to be adjusted freely to match Soffiera’s pose.
  • A special weapon that can be transformed between a large scythe and large scissors is included.
  • A special stand is included.
  • The kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts.
  • The 3mm connection joints on the model are compatible with parts from the M.S.G, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl series.
  • The kit includes neck parts for attaching heads from the Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device series.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 34 × 16 cm
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Approx. 168mm

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Assembly required. Snap together, no glue required.

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