Hexa Gear 1/24 Bulkarm Alpha

Hexa Gear 1/24 Bulkarm Alpha



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  • Bulkarm ? is the first model in the Hexa Gear series with a closed cockpit. The heavily armored outer shell of the cockpit can be opened, and the detailed control panel can be moved, allowing users to place a separately sold Governor model inside the Hexa Gear.
  • The main cannon equipped to the left arm can be suspended from the docking hanger on the back of the model when not in use. The inside of the weapon’s removable magazine is highly detailed with individual ammunition.
  • The model comes with two head units, allowing for the user to create their own original variation.
  • The hand parts can be opened and equipped with weapon grips that allow the model to hold separately sold weapons.
  • The model uses the Hexa G-R.A.M system, allowing you to create a variety of customizations using parts from other Hexa Gear kits.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 32 × 13 cm
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Assembly required. Snap together, no glue required.